Complete Health Care Services for Your Pets

As a fully-accredited, full-service veterinary hospital serving Napa Valley residents, we provide professional, medical health care for dogs, cats and other small animal pets.

  • Compassionate, quality, preventative health care

  • Professional expertise, state-of-the-art diagnostics

  • Modern medicine, current surgical techniques

Our Treatments


Emergency Care

Our emergency services are available during regular office hours when your pet needs urgent and intensive care. whether your pet has a minor or major medical problem. Outside of regular hours, Dr. Northrup can typically be contacted through the office number for after hours emergencies, but some cases may warrant referral to other agencies for more intensive care.


Dental Care

Pet periodontal disease is one of, if not the most, common ailment to affect dogs and cats, but the outward signs are not always obvious until the condition has progressed to a point warranting more extensive treatment. In additional to oral consequences, unchecked periodontal disease has been linked to other organ pathology including the liver, lungs, kidneys and heart.


Preventative Care and Vaccinations

Your pet should be professionally examined on a yearly basis. Organ systems are assessed and, in addition to vital statistics, recorded in your pet’s medical record. Significant findings will be discussed as well as any recommended treatment or further workup. Determining what vaccines are appropriate for your pet is part of our process.



You are what you eat! And the same holds true for our pets as well. Good nutrition makes for happier and healthier pets. We carry a number of prescription-based diets for purchase in our office. Dr. Northrup can advise on healthy nutrition habits for your pet, including special diets, supplements and special needs for medical conditions.



We are able to perform a range of soft tissue procedures including but not limited to spaying/neutering, abdominal exploratory, mass removals, ocular as well as certain orthopedic procedures (e.g. extracapsular stabilization in appropriate patients for torn ACL). All anesthetized patients are catheterized and monitored continuously throughout their procedure and appropriate medications administered to prevent postoperative pain.



We can perform a wide array of tests to ensure your pet is healthy or determine a cause for your pet’s illness.  These include: Digital x-ray, Ultrasound Endoscopy, In hospital blood chemistry and CBC analyzers, Tonometry, Cytology, Alivecor EKG, utside diagnostic Labs as needed (Idexx, Antech, VDx as well as others).

“Incredibly wonderful! Dr. Jeff Northrup and the team at NV Veterinary Hospital is professional and friendly. From Elizabeth at the front desk, to Lisa who is everywhere and Mayra who can do just about anything–they are all down-to-earth, knowledgable and empathetic. They are helping my cat Jack with his newly-diagnosed diabetes, and taking me by the hand to educate me about the disease and how to care for Jack. It’s also a treat to say hello to Stella the office dog and scratch her behind the ears. You’ll get focused, one-on-one care here.”

Deborah D., Napa

“We love Dr. Jeff and Napa Valley Veterinary Hospital. He’s easy to talk to and understand, and clearly explains everything going on with our pets when we bring them in. Unlike a lot of vets, he doesn’t use every visit as a chance to up-sell us on unnecessary services or products, which I appreciate a lot. Also, you know when you bring your pet in that you’re going to be seeing the main guy, the guy who has seen your pet a bunch of times in the past and knows you and your animal. I think that is preferable to bringing your pet into a place where a bunch of doctors rotate and you never see the same vet twice. We recommend them to our friends, my sister just brought her new kitten in and she was very pleased as well.”

Alex M., Napa

“I have had 2 dogs and a cat over the years and Dr. Northrup has always come through for us. He’s very thorough and patient with both the animals and myself. I am most appreciative with Dr. Northrup for not shoving procedures down my throat that the animals do not necessarily need. He is great at giving you the decision as to which direction/treatment you want to follow for most non-emergency/non-life threatening situations. I completely trust him with my animals.”

Hope R., Yountville

Professional Pet Health Care

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Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection.