Pet Surgery

Pet surgery can leave human family members feeling apprehensive. We are here to put you at ease with pet surgery. We can perform a range of soft tissue surgery procedures including but not limited to spaying, neutering, abdominal exploratory, mass removals, ocular as well as certain orthopedic procedures (e.g. extracapsular stabilization in appropriate patients for torn ACL). During surgery, all anesthetized patients are catheterized and monitored continuously throughout their procedure. Additionally, appropriate medications are administered to prevent post-operative pain. As a result, we may also prescribe oral medication to continue to prevent pain in the post-operative period while your pet is healing in hospital or at home. We also maintain professional relationships with regional specialty facilities. And we refer to a board-certified specialist when necessary for the best care of your pet.

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blond woman with puppy

“I am most appreciative with Dr. Northrup for not shoving procedures down my throat that the animals do not necessarily need. He is great at giving you the decision as to which direction/treatment you want to follow for most non-emergency/non-life threatening situations. I completely trust him with my animals.”

Hope R, Yountville
Female and beagle and terrier dogs

“Dr. Northrup took amazing care of my dog who had to be seen for a very painful emergency situation. I have a miniature schnauzer who gets sedated and muzzled just to get groomed and everything went 100% smoothly here. I couldn’t believe the work he did on him with NO sedation and how down-right-cheerful my dog was to be there! He must be a dog whisperer.”

Stephanie B., Rio Vista

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