Healthy Nutrition

You are what you eat! And the same holds true for our pets as well. Good nutrition makes for happier and healthier pets. We carry a number of prescription-based diets for purchase in our office.

Dr. Northrup can advise on healthy nutrition habits for your pet, including special diets, supplements and special needs for medical conditions.

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blond woman with puppy

“We have encountered vets before whose primary goal seemed to be to sell us products rather than to care for our animals, but that is absolutely not the case with Dr. Jeff. He was conscious of costs and helped us with a really sensible care plan to eliminate fleas from our pets.”

Alex M., Napa
Female and beagle and terrier dogs

“I took my cat to Dr. Northrup for a general check up. The front desk staff was very friendly and efficient, and Dr. Northrup was very sweet to my cat, Princess. She had some matted parts to her coat, which he was able to remove quickly and expertly. Will definitely be back for regular check ups and vaccinations.”

Amy H.

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