Emergency Care

Our emergency care services are limited to regular office hours only to our regular clients. For all other hours of the day, and for non-clients, we recommend seeking out one of the nearby emergency clinics, which are specifically setup to handle walk-in emergencies. (Click the ” + ” symbol, upper right of site, for a list of emergency contacts in the Northern Bay Area.) Many cases may warrant referral to other agencies for more intensive care. Please note that while we would like to extend emergency services to all, we are simply not equipped in the same way an emergency clinic is to provide all services. Therefore, your pet may receive the best possible care at an emergency clinic.

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“I took my cat to Dr. Northrup for a general check up. The front desk staff was very friendly and efficient, and Dr. Northrup was very sweet to my cat, Princess. She had some matted parts to her coat, which he was able to remove quickly and expertly. Will definitely be back for regular check ups and vaccinations.”

Amy H., Napa
Female and beagle and terrier dogs

“I have had 2 dogs and a cat over the years and Dr. Northrup has always come through for us. He’s very thorough and patient with both the animals and myself. I am most appreciative with Dr. Northrup for not shoving procedures down my throat that the animals do not necessarily need. He is great at giving you the decision as to which direction/treatment you want to follow for most non-emergency/non-life threatening situations. I completely trust him with my animals.”

Hope R., Yountville

If you have any other questions, please contact us